GTT Signs A Contract For Its “Smart Shipping” Solutions With Antartica21

GTT, through its subsidiary Marorka, announces the signature of a contract with Antarctica21, the world’s leading Antarctic fly and cruise expedition operator, to equip its modern expedition vessel Magellan Explorer with GTT Digital smart shipping solutions.

This contract includes the deployment of sensors, automatic data collection systems and intelligent software to manage and optimize the energy and environmental performance of the vessel. GTT Digital platform will play a key role in Antarctica21’s plan to monitor the Carbon Intensity Index (CII), reduce its vessel’s emissions, and comply with the overall EEXI regulation.

Smart Shipping
Credits: GTT

The extensive scope of this contract highlights the increasing demand for GTT Digital end-to-end solutions. It also underlines the increasing traction GTT Digital has been attaining in the highly demanding cruise segment, which is constantly searching for excellence.

Mr. Anouar Kiassi, Vice-president of Digital & Information, declared: “We are honoured by the trust that Antarctica21 places in us to accompany them on their journey towards digitalisation and effective decarbonisation. As major milestones in emissions monitoring and reduction are upon us, we are delighted to work hand-in-hand with a shipowner committed to operational and environmental excellence.”

Mr. Jaime Vasquez, President of Antartica21, declared: “We are delighted to be working with GTT. The deployment of this new technology on board Magellan Explorer will allow us to benchmark our energy consumption, thereby assisting us in reducing emissions.”

Reference: GTT

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