GONDAN Launches New Hybrid Icebreaker Tug

GONDAN Shipyard in Figueras, at high tide, the launching of a new hybrid-powered icebreaking escort tug designed by Robert Allan Ltd for Port of Luleå (Sweden) has just taken place.

Image Credits: gondan.com

The new tug is a RAL TundRA 3600-H class icebreaking design fully customized for the Port of Luleå operational requirements. The vessel is designed to perform icebreaking – it is capable of breaking 1 metre of ice at a speed of up to 3 knots- ice management, escort, ship-assist, coastal towing, fire-fighting and navigation aids service duties.

This 36-m tug with a hull structure that exceeds Finnish-Swedish ice class rules and has high environmental standards will be classed by Lloyd’s Register.

Image Credits: gondan.com

The vessel will be equipped with an innovative hybrid propulsion system that will include two diesel main engines, shaft generators/motors and batteries for energy storage. This configuration will provide an operational flexibility that will produce significant fuel, emissions, and maintenance savings.

With an expected bollard pull of about 100 tonnes in the diesel-mechanical mode when including battery boost capacity, this tug will be the most powerful icebreaking escort tug of this size in the world with hybrid/electrical propulsion.

It is worth-noting that GONDAN was selected to build this tugboat as the result of a rigorous international competition amongst high qualified shipbuilders.

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