Global Shipping Fleet To Sound Horns On June 25th – Day of the Seafarer

To support the need to vaccinate global seafarers against the coronavirus, ships will sound horns at Canadian ports at noon Friday. The ships will sound horns along the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River to aid in the global seafarer vaccination effort. On Tuesday, the St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation uploaded a press release on its official website to this effect.

The Canadian entities mentioned in the press release included the Association of Canadian Port Authorities, Chamber of Marine Commerce, International Ship-owners Alliance of Canada, Shipping Federation of Canada, Chamber of Shipping, and the St. Lawrence Economic Development Council.

Some of the groups have said that during the pandemic, seafarers have dedicatedly delivered essential medicines and PPE to protect Canadians. They have also transported the country’s trade to and from both international and domestic markets to keep the economy moving.

Day of the seafarer - horn blowing
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They have added that several Canadian ship crews have struggled to receive the first dose of the vaccine owing to vaccine supply and logistical issues of the government. International seafarers, many of those who come from developing countries, are yet to get their vaccine shots at Canadian ports.

The group urged the Canadian government to collaborate with the marine sector to augment the supply of vaccines while ensuring prioritization for the seafarers.


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