Global Peak Tanker Hit A Fishing Vessel Off Kochi, India And Speeded Off, Injuring Four

Four fishermen sustained minor injuries when a Panama-registered tanker ship, Global Peak hit a Beypore-based fishing vessel off the Cochin coast early on 22 September. Per authorities associated with the Coastal police station based in Beypore, the accident happened at about 5.30 am.

The Al Naeeme fishing vessel sailed to the Arabian Sea on 17 September with 13 crew members onboard, including two Tamil natives and 11 North Indians. A Malaysian vessel reportedly hit the ship in the rear. There were no casualties; however, some sustained minor injuries, Mr Apputty, the station house officer, mentioned.

Fishing Vessel
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Beypore police reportedly registered a case on the complaint filed by the fishing boat owner named Ali Akbar.

The case is expected to be referred to the coastal police of Cochin for further examination; the SHO mentioned that the Coast Guard was alerted.

The fishermen informed that the foreign ship’s crew members did not offer any assistance following the incident and that local fishermen, who were a witness to the accident from another vessel, rescued them and gathered details of the foreign tanker.

References: The Hindu, NDTV

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