GE Completes Upgrade Service To Queen Mary 2

GE’s Marine Solutions recently provided an extensive upgrade service to one of the world’s most famous ocean liners, the Queen Mary 2 (QM2). The upgrade service with new technology supplied by GE was completed in just 18 days.

Twelve years after equipping the QM2 with original propulsion motors, GE was chosen to carry out multiple crucial upgrade activities on Carnival’s flagship liner, for example: a controls upgrade, the replacement of oil distribution boxes on steerable pods, modification of harmonic filters and general maintenance on the propulsion plant. GE’s Marine Solutions completed the service earlier than planned, allowing GE to fulfill additional tasks required by the customer.

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GE’s real-time simulator was key in enabling the team to complete this task in such a short timeframe, as the technical solutions had already been extensively tested and validated before being implemented onboard the vessel.

The customer expressed its great satisfaction with the quality of the upgrade, respect of the tight delivery schedule and professional approach of GE.

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Tim Schweikert, president & CEO, GE’s Marine Solutions said, “This was a hugely rewarding project. Achieving what we did in 18 days is an example of GE’s commitment and dedication to customers. We highly value our long-term relationship with Carnival and are proud to be chosen once again to provide the service they needed. We look forward to partnering on more projects in the future.”


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