Furukawa Battery FCR Series Batteries To Be Used For Eco Handymax Project

In a first for shipping, Eco Marine Power Co., Ltd. (Eco Marine Power) and technology partner The Furukawa Battery Co., Ltd. (Furukawa Battery) will supply marine-grade FCR series batteries for both a solar power system & for back-up use on a Handymax bulker.

This will be the first time the FCR batteries have been used for these dual applications onboard a ship with one set being integrated into renewable energy solution and two other sets for emergency back-up use. Other equipment will also be installed onto the vessel as part of an Eco Handymax Project that is being undertaken by several companies based in Japan and a ship owner.

As part of the project to supply the FCR-50-12 batteries the existing layout of the battery room will be altered and new battery frames manufactured by Teramoto Iron Works also supplied. This will allow for the batteries to be installed in a horizontal orientation, thereby allowing the units required for the Aquarius Marine Solar Power solution & also for back-up use to be installed in the same space onboard the ship.

Horizontal Installation diagram
Image Credits: ecomarinepower.com

A significant advantage of the recyclable FCR series batteries is that their robust design and proven safety record allows for them to be installed without the need for complicated protection or cooling systems. Originally developed for duel uses, the ruggedness of the FCR series batteries also makes them ideally suited for use in a marine environment and in 2019 the FCR-50-12 & FCR-100-6 batteries obtained ClassNK certification.

Mr. Kodaka, General Manager of the Global Business Development Department at Furukawa Battery commented, “The installation of the FCR series batteries for dual applications onboard the ship demonstrates how this battery technology can be used for a wide range of uses both for maritime & land-based projects”.

Reference: ecomarinepower.com

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