Fred. Olsen Set To Relive Record-Breaking Corinth Canal Transit

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines is prepared to recreate its record transit of the Corinth Canal in 2023 around May. In 2019, the line’s vessel named Braemar was the greatest vessel to pass via the 6.4-kilometre canal in Greece.

The narrowest point of the canal measures 24 meters in width. Braemar is almost 22.52 meters wide and about 196 meters in length. Fred Olsen has planned a return to the canal with an ex-Southampton sailing in 2023. Prices for the 3 May departure start at £4,999.

Clare Ward, Fred’s director of product and customer service, said that journey planners have worked hard and crafted each cruise keeping in mind the joy of unforgettable journeys, but this cruise is all set to offer an unmatched sailing experience.

the longest cruise ship to pass through corinth canal
Image Credits: Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines – Youtube

She also added that Braemar will flaunt exactly what is meant by smaller is better as it embarks on yet another awaited record sailing of the Corinth Canal.

Explorations will uncover Rhode’s sandstone architecture and the Palace of the Grand Masters, the Roman Odeum located in Patras, and a golden opportunity to explore Ancient Olympia. However, there is a lot more in store for guests.


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