Five Missing After Ship Sank With About 600 Tons Of Coal In Pasur River Of Sundarbans

Five individuals had been missing after yet another coal-carrying vessel sank on Monday in the Pasur River of the Sundarbans’ mangrove forest. This was the third time such an incident has happened since February 2021, raising concerns regarding water pollution.

MV Fardin-1, the lighter barge or shallow-draft vessel, transporting 600 tons of coal had sunk after it had collided with a vessel at about 9:30 pm. The accident took place close to Harbaria-9 of the forest, outside the main channel of the Mongla Port, Bagerhat.

Three individuals from the cargo ship and two from the vessel had gone missing, while two from the vessel managed to swim ashore. This was informed by Commander Sheikh Fakhruddin, harbormaster and secretary of the Mongla Port Authority.

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However, right after the vessel capsized, the authorities observed that the vessel was loaded with 300 tons of coal. The sailors swam to the seashore.

He reportedly had said that the vessel had set sail for Dhaka. Following an accident, the cargo was brought near the riverbank, but it sunk with the coal.

Fakhruddin has reportedly said that port authorities and Coast Guard had been attempting to salvage the vessel. Conservationists have been urging the government to protect the Sundarbans, one of the last remaining mangrove forests in the world while allowing the transport of toxic items through the Pasur Channel.

On 30 March, MV Efty Mahmud, yet another lighter vessel transporting 700 tons of coal sank in the Pasur River close to Mongla Port. The vessel loaded with coal sailed away from the jetty owing to strong currents and sank after crashing into yet another vessel.

Another cargo ship loaded with about 800-ton coal had capsized in the same river close to Mongla Port on 27 February. The vessel, MV BB-1148, had sunk near Baniashanta when it collided with another vessel.


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