Fishing Vessel Captain Devoured By Fish After He Jumped Overboard To Avoid Being Murdered

A fishing vessel’s captain reportedly jumped overboard to avoid being murdered during an axe attack, to be devoured by fish later on.

Police in Brazil’s Manaus arrested 57-year-old João Carlos Oliveira da Silva, on 26 July 26. He was suspected of attempting to kill the 68-year-old ship captain in 2019.

The deceased’s body was discovered in September 2021 in the municipality’s river after fish ravaged it.

João and the victim were caught in an argument on the day of the killing, per Daniel Antony, the police chief.

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He then got hold of an axe and attempted to murder the captain as they were on the boat.

Antony mentioned that owing to a fight, João would have run after the victim (here the captain) with an axe to defend him. To avoid being hit, he jumped into the water. And then onward, he could not be located and was found days later, consumed by fish.

The police chief added that the cause of the deadly argument is still unknown, but João confessed that he attempted to murder the captain.

A court order has been issued, and he was arrested this week. He will be behind bars until trial.

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