First-Of-Its-Kind Ship Collision Avoidance System Demonstrated By Samsung Heavy Industries

On Monday, the Samsung Heavy Industries Co successfully exhibited a ship collision avoidance system. Named Samsung Autonomous Ship (SAS), it is the remote autonomous navigation system that helps two autonomous ships travel their trajectories to avoid collisions.

Samsung Heavy stated that this demonstration is the first of its kind.

The shipbuilder said that a 9,200-ton weight Mokpo National Maritime University vessel and a 300-ton tug of Samsung Heavy worked together to demonstrate the effective vessel collision avoidance mechanism.

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Samsung Heavy’s 300-ton heavy remote autonomous ship successfully navigated the seas off Gageo Island. The mechanism was controlled through a remote control system located at a research facility in Daejeon, around 250 kms away from the seas.

Samsung Heavy is planning to commercialize the independently programmed efficient navigation system SAS by 2022.


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