First-Ever Ukrainian Charged With Piracy At High Seas For Seizing A Vessel

For the first time ever, a Ukrainian citizen has been charged with piracy at high seas after he demanded a ransom for a hijacked vessel in the Indian Ocean

The man, who has been identified as a Mykolaiv resident, has been believed to have demanded a ransom after seizing a vessel in the Indian Ocean. This is per the latest details of the investigation of the SBU security service that had been published on their website.

Per security operatives, the Ukrainian had a job with an international company that had been dealing with the protection of commercial vessels from pirates. However, instead of guarding the vessel, the individual turned out to be the one capturing it.

The negotiators ultimately had found a way to persuade the Ukrainian to surrender all weapons and release the vessel for about $6,000. Holding the captain at gunpoint, the Ukrainian told the crew about his demands of altering the vessel’s course and providing a ransom of about $500,000. Negotiations with the ship’s owner continued for four days.

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Once the perpetrator had gone back to the security enterprise’s offshore base, he had seized the weapons arsenal and introduced a new round of talks. This time, he demanded $100,000, or he would hurl arms overboard.

After the company refused to give in to the ultimatum, the Mykolaiv attacker managed to discharge part of the arsenal before being detained.

As the incident occurred on high seas, the person evaded being taken to justice as neutral waters are not subject to the jurisdiction of any specific state.

The pirate had later been apprehended in Mykolaiv, Ukraine’s Black Sea port city, in an exclusive operation conducted by the SBU.

Operatives have said that the culprit had managed to acquire fake IDs and even changed addresses many times before getting arrested.

The Ukrainian has been charged per Part 1 Art. 446 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine that deals with the use of robbery, violence, and other hostile actions against the crew of a vessel.


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