Fire On Oil Rig In The Gulf Of Mexico Leaves Five Dead And Two Missing

A devastating fire on an oil platform in Mexico Gulf left five people dead, two missing, and six people badly injured. The rig is run by Mexico’s state-owned Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex).

Reports showed that the fire slashing the production of Petroleos Mexicanos by 444,000 barrels per day. The incident took place about 100 km from Ciudad del Carmen towards the southeast of Campeche state.

The lives lost were of a Pemex employee and four other rig workers from the rig maintenance company Cotemar. The company launched a full-scale search operation to look for the two missing people working for a Conditions and Integrity Monitoring Firm.

oil rig  fire

The fire erupted in Ku-A Process Center’s E-Ku A2 platform came under control within one and a half hours. However, an inspection will soon follow to acquire the actual cause of the fire incident.

Pemex Chief Executive Octavio Romero stated that the fire broke out during maintenance work of the platform. He further added that about 421,000 barrels per day are on a loss count every day, and a total of 125 wells are offline.

The company is planning to restart operations by supplying power to the facility and connected walls by Wednesday. However, no estimates are yet out on the impact of the incident on the company’s monthly production and export.

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