Filipino Oceanographer Dives To The 3rd Deepest Point In The World

Human beings are conquering the deepest points of the ocean powered by groundbreaking innovation and research. The third deepest point on earth, Emden Deep in the Philippines has been successfully chartered by Filipino scientist Dr. Deo Florence Onda.

Onda is the first Filipino to do so, making him one of 2 humans who reached Emden Deep. He made history on the noon of March 23rd when he descended 34100 feet into the sea. This was carried out as part of the research program of the Filipino crew ship of DSSV Pressure Drop.

Deep Enough To Submerge Everest

Emden Deep is so deep that it can completely submerge the highest mountain on earth, 8849 metres high Mt. Everest. Think of it as 12 towers of the Burj Khalifa (828 meters high each) stacked over one another. That’s how deep it is.

Onda along with undersea explorer Victor Vescovo took the dive to Emden while the DSSV Pressure Drop Crew celebrated onboard. One of the crew members, Joselito Membrot shared pictures of the celebrations on Facebook.

Filipino Scientist Dives To The 3rd Deepest Spot In The World
Image Credits: Joselito Dela Cruz Membrot – Facebook

Another World Record Dive

An oceanographer and Professor at the University of the Philippines Marine Science Institute, Onda had made a similar world record with Vescovo when they dived into the Mariana Trench back in 2019

Membrot’s post on Facebook show that their Emden dive began at 6:30 on the morning which was overseen by the crew headed by Captain Stuart Buckle from above water

The whole thing was sponsored by Caladan Oceanic which is owned by Vescovo himself. The operation was powered by EYOS Expeditions which had deep sea sub
submersible DSV Limiting Factor, carried by the DSSV Pressure Drop. It’s the only vessel which can launch the submersible needed for such a high intense dive.

Leap for the World

Onda termed the feat “one leap for the country and the world,” and asked his fellow countrymen to be proud of the achievement. Filipinos should be proud of this national heritage, said Onda on a Facebook post before the dive.

“These crew have been touring the world and setting records with the DSV Limiting Factor in the past years. Many of us might have just heard it now, but the ship, sub, and crew have opened and paved the way for [modern-day] deep sea explorations,” he posted on March 20.

“With the ship are the Filipino crew who are contributing their skills and talents to make the voyages and dives safe and meaningful. They are the reasons why the aquanauts are able to accomplish their missions and tell tales of the deep seas,” Onda added.

“I am equally proud and very happy to be making this voyage with my fellow Pinoys onboard. It felt like I had brought a home with me into this expedition. Thank you for looking after me, taking care of me, and for cheering me up [every day],” Onda went on to add.


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