‘Felicity Ace’ Car Carrier Still On Fire Drifting In Atlantic

MOL Ship Management (Singapore) provides a further update on the situation regarding the ‘Felicity Ace’ car carrier which is still assumed to remain on fire drifting south of the Azores Islands in the Atlantic.

Currently, there is no oil leakage confirmed from the vessel, and the stability of the vessel remains stable. Two large tugs have now arrived on scene from Gibraltar and are spraying the vessel with water to achieve hull and boundary cooling.

The two tugs will also assist to control the position of the car carrier prior to inspection by the initial salvage team already on site. When conditions are safe the salvage team will board the Felicity Ace for an initial assessment of future salvage plans.

Felicity Ace still on fire
Image Credits: Marina Portuguesa

The ocean patrol ship NRP Setúbal, of the Portuguese Navy, remains on-site monitoring the situation, as a guarantee of the safety of navigation and monitoring of pollution of the marine environment, permanently monitoring the stability of the ship. So far no focus on pollution in the sea has been detected.

​Two salvage craft with additional firefighting and towing capability is on passage and one is scheduled to arrive on February 23 and another on February 26.​

MOL, MOL Ship Management (Singapore), and the salvage team are cooperating fully with local authorities and resources from the Azores to find an early solution to this incident.

Reference: felicity-ace-information-centre


Car Carrier ‘Felicity Ace’ On Fire For 5 Days

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