Family Of Seafarer Onboard Ship Attacked By Houthi Rebels Awaits Response From Shipping Company

Two Keralites, including a native of Kayamkulam, are on the UAE ship that has recently been hijacked by Houthi rebels. Akhil Reghu of Chirayilpadethathil is on the vessel. Another native of Kerala, who is employed in the ship’s kitchen, is also on the ship Rawabee. However, this person’s identity has not been revealed by the Liwa Marine – the shipping company.

Per Akhil’s brother Rahul Reghu, who is employed at the same shipping enterprise in the UAE, the last call from Akhil to his home was around 11 pm on Sunday night. There was no information after that.

Akhil mentioned that the shipping company has not disclosed the identity of employees and the family is waiting intently for a reply from the firm. The ship has recently begun cruising and details of Indians on the vessel are, hence, unknown. When Akhil had called earlier, he had mentioned that four Indians, including one more Keralite, were on the vessel. But the detail about the Keralite is not yet known.

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Akhil’s wife informed that her husband gave her a call at 11 pm on Sunday and was also online till 1 pm (IST). However, after that, there was no information. She is currently in Ukraine, pursuing her MBBS.

AM Ariff, the MP, sent a letter to Jaishankar, the Union Minister of External Affairs, and V Muraleedharan, Minister of State, requesting prompt action to rescue the Indians. Akhil’s relatives have lodged complaints with the chief minister and union ministers demanding immediate actions.

The vessel had been hijacked close to Hodeidah, which is nearly 50km from the coast of Yemen. The ship was full of materials as part of moving a Saudi Arabian field hospital to Jazan from Socotra Island. The cargo was loaded with medical communication equipment, ambulances, field kitchens, and technical as well as security support equipment, a Saudi government spokesperson informed.

Saudi Arabia is spearheading a military coalition for restoring the Government of Yemen after a coup from the Houthis back in 2014 that initiated a civil war. Yemen’s condition as described by the UN is the worst form of humanitarian crisis in the world.



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