Famed Suez Canal Blocking Vessel ‘Ever Given’ Gives Birth To Video Game ‘Whatever’

The famous vessel that blocked Suez Canal early this year got a video game in its name. The newly launched PC game “Whatever” will enable the players to steer the canal in a container ship.

The Suez Canal, a strategic passage of marine travel and transport, was blocked for a period of six days when the Ever Given grounded in March 2021. The vessel disrupted several crucial means of transport and cruises with the famous blockage.

‘Whatever’ is the only PC game released based on the news. It is an indie game launched by 36-year-old Bangkok-based game developer Napas “Jet” Torteeka. The gamer last worked on developing a game 15 years back.

Image Credits: Napas Torteeka/WHATEVER – Steam

Recently, he was using game development tools and thinking of game ideas when he came across the Ever Given- Suez Canal incident. Once he got the idea, he worked to create a game prototype wherein players would require steering their vessel through narrow canal passages.

There have been other gaming projects about Ever Given that have been relatively infrequent:

In March-end, a video game player modified the “Microsoft Flight Simulator” so that the users can fly over the grounded ship.

Again, later in mid the year, the game developer of the game titled “Panama Canal Simulator” launched a similar variation titled “Suez Canal Simulator”. Finally, in July, he added the Ever Given to the stimulator for the players to pivot.

Torteeka is also launching an “early access” variant of the game “Whatever” in late September.

Reference: yahoo.com

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