Explosion Rocks Ship At Syrian Port, No Casualties Reported

An explosion and a blazing fire rocked a ship at Latakia port in Syria. Firefighters rushed to the site and doused off the fire. The cause of the explosion and fire is still unclear.

Initial reports suggest that the ship that suffered the explosion used to carry Iranian oil to Syria. As per reports, the vessel was undergoing maintenance work at Latakia Port.

The ship was emptied in no time after the explosion, but smoke from the fire caused breathing issues to workers. However, there were no casualties from the explosion and fire.

The damaged vessel is identified as ‘Wisdom’. It is not the first instance that ‘Wisdom’ suffered such an incident. Earlier reports also state that the ship got hit by drone attacks in April. However, the Iranian and Syrian media denied all such reports and stated that the fire started due to a welding accident and killed one worker.

Syria’s Latakia port explosion
Image Credits: Twitter

The latest explosion occurs at a time of high tensions between Iran and Israel. Earlier, an Iranian drone strike targeting an Israeli ship off the Oman Coast killed a British and a Romanian citizen in July. However, Iran denied all the allegations and stated that the USA and Israel are trying to destabilize the region.

Also, post-Oman coast attack, there was an attempt by the Iranian forces to hijack the Asphalt Princess tanker off the coast of UAE. However, the forces have to flee when workers sabotaged the ship, and US and Arab forces arrived at the scene.

Reference: haaretz.com

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