Explosion On Board Cargo Ship; Crew Members Rushed To Sydney Hospital

Five members on a bulk carrier were rushed to hospital in Sydney after suffering injuries in an explosion on the vessel. Canada Steamship Lines reported that during Monday’s incident, two crew members have suffered slight burns on their hands and faces, while three sustained superficial injuries when methane ignited in a carpenter’s workshop as the vessel was at anchorage at the Sydney harbor.

In an email, Brigitte Hebert, a CSL spokesperson stated that a crew member has been released from the hospital while the other members are also expected to be discharged over the next few days.

Of them, one will require advanced treatment for a broken bone. Hebert said the CSL Kajika that is moored in Sydney harbor after the explosion, did not experience any structural damages.

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She said the accident is being investigated and added that Transport Canada has emptied the vessel so that it can restart its operations. Per reports shared by the Canadian Coast Guard, a local boat was approached for help for medical evacuation post the explosion.

Reference: yahoo.com

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