Evergreen’s Container Ship Loses 36 Containers At Sea

A major mishappening has happened in Japan where 36 containers of Taiwanese shipping company Evergreen Marine Corporation got lost in the sea.

In a statement given to the media, Evergreen announced that 36 containers fell off from their EVER LIBERAL ship which left Busan Port for Los Angeles on 30th December.

Caught in Strong Winds

The shipping company further revealed that the container ship was caught in bad weather, some 20 nautical miles south of Kyushu in Japan which resulted in container stacks to collapse. Strong winds and a rough sea caused 21 containers of 40 ft high to fall on the deck while 36 others fell into the sea from the 8452 TEU ship.

Ever Liberal - Evergreen container loss
Image Credits: Twitter

No Hazardous Cargo in the Containers

The company assured that no one in the crew was injured and there was no hazardous substance in the containers that fell into the sea. The EVER LIBERAL’s captain informed the Japanese Coast Guard immediately so that ships and people in the nearby areas are made aware of drifting containers.

Salvage Operations Underway

The ship has been diverted to the Taipei Port so that the damaged cargo can be repaired while the company is still trying to retrieve the lost containers with a salvage operation.

“Everything possible is being done to retrieve the lost containers”, said Evergreen.

Press Release

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  1. Proves the point that containers need further and better securing whilst aboard ships. It also proves the point, the greed of the shipowners for bigger and bigger all the time is not sustainable. Losses of containers over the side is becoming more and more frequent, why? Serious questions need to be asked and major improvements made to the way containers are secured on deck.

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