Europe’s First-Build LNG Bunker Vessel Embarks On Her Maiden Voyage

Skangas’ Coralius had her maiden voyage delivering LNG to their terminal in Øra, by Fredrikstad in Norway on 14 September. The vessel was loaded with Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) from Skangas’ own production facility in Risavika, Stavanger.

The ship was built by Royal Bodewes and developed in close co-operation between the owners and Skangas. During her maiden delivery voyage, Coralius supplied Skangas’ industrial customers in the vicinity of Fredrikstad. Coralius as bunker vessel, holds state-of-the-art LNG transfer equipment on board.

“We are very content with further developing the marine LNG availability in Northern Europe by our new ship Coralius,” says Kimmo Rahkamo, CEO of Skangas. “We look forward to serving our existing and new customers wherever they need LNG by ship-to-ship. Today the technology and ship engines are sound for gas and we are more than ready to supply it by our European supply chain”, he concludes.


Skangas enters time charter contract

It was on 2 September Skangas took the delivery of the 5,800 cbm Coralius from the owners Anthony Veder and Sirius Shipping. A long-time charter adventure has started for Skangas and their marine customers.

Launched at the Donsø Shipping Meet (DSM)

On 4 September Coralius arrived for the first time in the Nordics directly from the Royal Bodewes ship yard in Eemshaven. During the Donsø Shipping Meet, the largest shipping conference in Sweden, more than 1,000 visitors, including many customers of Skangas, entered the Coralius. They had the possibility to discover the latest technology all the way from the big monitoring screens on the bridge to the modern bunkering facilities and the latest in gas engines.

LNG marine fuel meets all current and planned environmental requirements. It also eliminates particles and significantly reduces CO2 emissions. LNG marine fuel is available, and will remain economically efficient for the foreseeable future.

About Coralius

Coralius is built by the shipyard Royal Bodewes, is owned by the joint venture Sirius Veder Gas AB and will be operated by Sirius Shipping of Sweden. She has a cargo capacity of 5,800 m3 and is 99.6 meters long. She holds a Finnish/Swedish Ice Class 1A. Larger volumes of LNG is transferred at high rates and Coralius is equipped with state-of the-art LNG transfer equipment for bunkering.


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