Euroglobe To Establish Terminal Operations At Stockholm Norvik Port

Ports of Stockholm and the logistics company Euroglobe will develop their collaboration at Sweden’s newest freight port. The establishment of Euroglobe at Stockholm Norvik Port creates entirely new opportunities for handling goods between different modes of transport and handling export goods.

The logistics company Euroglobe will shortly establish terminal operations, including bonded warehouse facilities at Stockholm Norvik Port. Euroglobe has leased land area of 6500 m² from Ports of Stockholm that will be used to load, unload and store goods. A terminal building will also be constructed that will connect to the container terminal operated by Hutchison Ports Sweden.

“The establishment of Euroglobe here will provide completely new possibilities to transfer goods between the different types of transport operating services to and from Stockholm Norvik Port, and we are very pleased to be able to develop our collaboration with Euroglobe,” says Johan Wallén, Director of Sales and Marketing at Ports of Stockholm.

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Euroglobe has worked with forwarding and logistics since 1970, and has agents all around the globe. This, together with a well-established customer base, means that they can handle the entire import and export chain. Euroglobe has offered similar services at Frihamnen Port in Stockholm since 2005. Establishing the new terminal at the newest port on the Swedish east coast will expand their operations.

“It feels good to be in at the start of Stockholm Norvik Port and to be able to offer the same good service that we have been able to provide at Frihamnen Port. We are proud to be involved and to be able to develop logistics in the greater Stockholm region, together with Ports of Stockholm and Hutchison Ports,” says Javier Sangüesa, Sales Manager at Euroglobe.

The establishment of the new terminal will provide completely new possibilities to handle export goods, as the volumes can be stored and loaded into containers for onward transport out into the world. Previously it has not been possible to handle large volumes at Frihamnen Port in Stockholm, as the area has been too congested for the growing container operations. The Swedish export industry has a demand for an excess of empty containers to be able to be handled in Stockholm.

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