Energy Observer – The Zero Emissions Vessel Sails More Than 40,000 Nautical Miles

Energy Observer, an ambassador for the hydrogen revolution, has sailed for more than 40,000 nautical miles from the time it left its home at Saint-Malo in 2017. Designed to push the limits of zero-emission technologies, Energy Observer features next-gen hydrogenation, hydrogen, and solar wind solutions.

On July 16, the ship arrived at New Caledonia, having made 68 stopovers. Out of these 15 were educational exhibitions. It has also visited 30 countries.

Energy Observer is an experimental platform for tomorrow’s energy sources. It is a revolutionary vessel that navigates without causing any damage to the planet.

Nav Helsinki
Image Credits: Energy Observer Productions – Antoine Drancey

Energy Observer is the first French ambassador for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the UN to convey France’s message to inspire the greatest of environmental players to preserve the planet.

The unique floating laboratory of energies of the future is set to build a renewed technological prowess: it is going to be empowered with an even more efficient and accessible. It will have a fuel cell with a power of 114 kW, wind propulsion wings, and screen-printed photovoltaic panels that cover a surface area of about 202 m² and producing power of up to 34 kW.

Today, it is imperative to offer meaning to innovation so that it serves to resolve the challenges humanity encounters and the Energy Observer is one of the greatest innovations on that path.


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