Emission-Free Sailing Cargo Initiative Achieves Significant Breakthroughs

In the tropics, a 3-masted, 45m wooden schooner called Ceiba, designed to ship cargo emission-free throughout the Pacific Americas from her homeport in Costa Rica, is about to have her centreline revealed in its entirety. As we speak, key elements of the stern (aft-end) of the ship are moving into place.

From erecting the final two full-body frames and re-locating the giant keelson and keelson rider into the ship, to installing the intricate puzzle of the sternpost assembly, the last month has been filled with progress.

In crucial succession, where each stage relies on the previous’ success, these large parts of the ship will outline the final form, stem to stern, complete in the coming weeks.

Sailing Cargo Schooner Ceiba
Image Credits: sailcargo.org

First, the last two full-body frames were raised, preceding the fastening of the hardwood keelson and steel keelson rider into the hull. The original framing stage has been removed to make way for the intricate sternpost assembly and a hoisting rig which allows for the installation of the aft knee. Now the team is able to maneuver the entire puzzle of the sternpost into place. All of this must happen before the final (half) frames of the vessel can be installed, as these attach to the stern post itself.

As of May 4, 2020, the SAILCARGO team has raised 84% of Ceiba’s frames. Timbers are locally sourced with sustainable practices. In the last year the workforce has grown to 36 workers, and will continue to add more world class shipwrights and carpenters.

As Costa Rica’s flagship, they are here to demonstrate that a carbon neutral shipping company can not only be financially competitive, but can inspire global change and bring awareness to an often overlooked industry. The company is funded by private investors who support sustainable businesses and a rethinking of how international trade can evolve.

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