Electric Boat ‘Anvera Elab’ Attempts To Break Speed Record At 2021 Venice Boat Show

Industry studies predict that the market for hybrid or pure electric boats will rapidly grow to exceed $20 billion worldwide by 2027. Boats like Anvera Elab are challenging the traditional view that combustion engines are the only way to create the thrill and experience of a high-speed boat.

The first E-Regatta of the Venice Boat Show will showcase several innovative electric propulsion boats for eco-sustainable yachting. During the event, Anvera Elab, a prototype of a single-hull planing boat with all-electric propulsion, will attempt to set a new speed record, beating the previous record achieved in 2019 during the Monte Carlo Solar & Energy Boat Challenge.

The 34 electric boats from all over Europe that will take part in the E-Regatta can also be recharged by the two ABB Wallboxes, one AC and one DC, installed on the jetty in the e-Village area.

Anvera Elab
Image Credits: anvera.it

Commenting on the speed record attempt, Antonio De Bellis, ABB Italy e-mobility Lead Manager Electrification, said: “This is an extraordinary effort that will demonstrate the true potential for sustainable electric mobility also at sea. With the market set to expand rapidly, ABB is making its high-speed charging technology available to make electric-powered boat travel a reality. In the same way that we partner with the ABB Formula E World Championship for electric racing cars, we are proud to sponsor Anvera Elab, a next-generation vessel that is shaping the future of electric mobility at sea. ”
The speed test will take place over a course of 500 meters and the maximum speed will be measured twice: round trip and calculated as the average value between the two records.

Anvera Elab will be piloted by Luca Ferrari, founding partner of Anvera, who was class 1 world champion as a driver in 1994 and 1997 as Team Manager, and has been on the podium of the world championship five times. At the helm, he will be joined by aerospace engineer Maurizio Cheli, who in 1993 earned his astronaut qualification at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston.

Reference: abb.com

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