Eco Marine Power To Launch Safe, Reliable And Recyclable Hybrid Battery Packs

In co-operation with its strategic partners, Furukawa Battery and Teramoto Iron Works, Eco Marine Power (EMP) have announced the release of two UB-50-12 hybrid battery packs for the ship, offshore and land-based renewable energy projects. These safe, reliable and recyclable battery packs will be available in 2.4kWh and 3.6kWh configurations. Multiple battery packs can be installed together to provide the amount of energy storage needed from small-scale installations to larger energy storage projects.

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The battery packs will incorporate UltraBattery® (UB) technology supplied by The Furukawa Battery Company and a battery rack system developed jointly by Teramoto Iron Works and Eco Marine Power. This battery rack system is scalable, easy to assemble and the design based on experience from EMP’s renewable energy projects on ships. Each battery pack includes UB-50-12 batteries, internal cables and frame kit.

UB-50-12 valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries are the ideal solution for the smart grid, wind power and solar power applications. In addition, they are very reliable, require little maintenance and are recyclable. UB series batteries have also been approved for use by ClassNK and certified by EMP.

Commenting on the release of the UB-50-12 hybrid battery packs. Mr. Kodaka, General Manager, Overseas Sales and Marketing Department at Furukawa Battery stated, “Our UltraBattery technology is ideally suited for renewable energy applications and we look forward to promoting the use of renewable energy on ships together with Eco Marine Power.”

Mr. Teramoto, President of Teramoto Iron Works commented, “Our company is pleased to be working with Furukawa Battery and Eco Marine Power in bringing this new product to the market and it also allows us to demonstrate again our ability to produce high-quality marine-grade steel products.”

UB-50-12 battery packs will become the standard energy storage solution for EMP’s Aquarius Marine Solar Power and will also be offered as stand-alone configurations.

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