Eaglestar Appoints Its First Female Ship Master

Eezmaira Sazzea was part of the first group of women that had been undergoing maritime training at the Akademi Laut Malaysia (ALAM, also popular as the Malaysian Maritime Academy) in 2006 when the institution had started accepting female cadets. Sazzea graduated in 2011 and since then has sailed as an officer in Eaglestar.

Sazzea’s maiden voyage as a captain began on 13 August 2021 on Seri Bijaksana, which is an LNG carrier. Expressing pride, Captain Sazzea perceives the appointment as recognition of professionalism and her abilities.

first Malaysian female Master - Captain Eezmaira Sazzea
Image Credits: Eaglestar Marine Holdings

Captain Sazzea has reportedly said that she is honored and grateful to be the first Malaysian female captain at Eaglestar. She is excited to embark on a new journey in her new role. She has also said that she hopes to inspire her female colleagues, so that they do not give up on their hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

Captain Eezmaira Sazzea is also now part of a global community of women seafarers who are now captains steering various types of merchant ships all over the world. The company expects to see more women at the helm of ships.

Reference: polandatsea.com

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