DSME Develops Industry’s First Mixed Reality (MR)-Based Integrated Ship Platform

The mixed reality technology developed this time was developed so that all processes necessary for shipbuilding, from sales to design, production, maintenance, and crew training for technology transfer, can be experienced in a virtual environment identical to that of a real ship.

When you turn on the tablet PC at the meeting place with the shipowner for sales, a virtual ship unfolds in front of you, and the weapon system and details applicable to the ship appear, allowing you to select the specifications you want. In addition, the engine room equipment inside the ship can be selected in the same way, and the operation procedures and preventive maintenance procedures for the main equipment mounted on the ship can be easily checked, showing high satisfaction from ship owners.

It can be used at all times by designers and workers at the production site. Productivity improvement is expected as information on basic information about the drying trap, construction method, equipment operation guide, and maintenance can be checked directly on site.

DSME employees are working by comparing a real ship with a virtual ship implemented with a Mixed Reality (MR) system
Image Credits: dsme.co.kr

In particular, it is expected to reduce construction costs as well as safety accidents by preventing and preventing recurrence of repeated problems and risk factors during construction.

A representative of Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, who participated in the platform development, said, “As the company is accelerating its digital transformation, the development of a mixed reality platform will further enhance the company’s future competitiveness. It can be applied to all of them, so we expect it to serve as a basis for strengthening our sales competitiveness and creating new added values ​​in the future.”

Meanwhile, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) completed a patent application for this platform in September and is preparing for the registration examination.

Reference: dsme.co.kr

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