Dryad: Position Of Hijacked Vessel “LIANPENGYU 809” Reported

Update as of 10 February 20 0600UTC

Reporting indicates that the Hijacked vessel LIANPENGYU 809 was last sighted at location 03° 00N 006° 20E 78NM South Brass. The vessel is understood to be transiting NNE.

It is highly likely that the perpetrators will abandon the LIANPENGYU 809 offshore and kidnap some or all of the associated crew.

The crew of the LIANPENGYU 809 are understood to be Chinese, Indonesian and Gabonese nationals.

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Update as of 09 FEB 2021 2300UTC

LIANPENGYU 809 has been reported to be in position at 02° 06 38N – 005° 47 12E – 285° 103nm off Santo Antonio – Sao Tome.

Update as of 09 FEB 2021 0853UTC

LIANPENGYU 809 believed to be in position 01° 29 35N – 005° 17 40E – 309° 112nm off Ana Chaves – Sao Tome.

The vessel is understood to be a Tuna fishing vessel with a blue hull and a white superstructure.

Vessel is assessed to be being used as a mother vessel from which to sustain deep offshore operations and launch further attacks.

08 February 20 Original Detail

Reporting indicates that that the Gabon flagged fishing vessel LIANPENGYU has been boarded presumed hijacked. The LIANPENGYU is understood to have a crew of 14 all Chinese nationals.

The vessel was last sighted in the vicinity of 00° 51.4S 007° 20.20E heading course 275 at 9kts.

Earlier reports indicate that the MT SEAKING sighted a small boat being launched from a suspected mother vessel nearby. This incident occurred 14nm SW of the latest sighting of the LIANPENGYU. There is a realistic possibility that the LIANPENGYU is being used as a mother vessel to facilitate further attacks.

Reports indicate that the boat came alongside and the attackers attempted to board the vessel using ladders. The master is understood to have taken evasive action and the original boarding failed.

Vessels are reminded that the risk profile for all vessels operating within the Gulf of Guinea is CRITICAL at this time with further incidents highly likely and expected daily.

Reference: dryadglobal.com

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