Doha Receives Italian Cruise Ship Costa Toscana For The Third Time In 2022-23

On Sunday, January 29, Doha received a visit from the Italian cruise ship Costa Toscana for a third time in the 2022-23 Qatar cruise season. 1428 crew members and 3426 tourists were onboard the vessel, when it docked at the Doha port on Sunday.

The ship is known to be the most eco-friendly and innovative cruise ship. The Italian-flagged vessel boasts entertainment halls, restaurants, hot tubs, swimming pools and water games.

The 337 metres long cruise ship has a carrying capacity of 6500 people. It has an 8.6 metres draft and is 42 metres wide. 

Doha port italian cruise visit
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Qatar is scheduled to host 58 global cruise ships, with four tourist companies launching their first cruises this season which will last till April 2024. 

This has helped boost the country’s status as a tourist destination as the cruise industry has made it a pioneer in cruise tourism. As a result of this, business opportunities and employment opportunities as cruise expenditures increased, thereby adding to economic growth.

References: The Peninsula Qatar, The Gulf Times


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