DMA: New Knowledge On Battery Safety Can Promote Green Solutions

DMA has gained new knowledge on battery safety through a report with a focus on risks related to fire. The report outlines different methods of fire extinguishing along with the effect of ventilation systems in battery compartments in case of fire.

​The Danish Maritime Authority has participated in a comprehensive project that has resulted in a report concerning safety in battery installations.

The report supports the rapidly moving technological developments currently taking place in the maritime industry and it provides new and relevant knowledge on battery safety to the Danish Maritime Authority as well as the maritime industry.

DNV GL Joint Industry Report Offers Recommendations For Enhanced Battery Safety On Vessels
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Senior ship surveyor Denis Cederholm-Larsen from the Danish Maritime Authority says:
“Ships of the future need more environment-friendly solutions but we also have to focus on safety right from the beginning” and adds that “this new report provides us with a general overview which can be beneficial to the Danish Maritime Authority as well as the industry”.

This Joint Development Project started back in 2017 and was coordinated by DNV GL. It has been a close cooperation between Norwegian, Danish and American maritime authorities, different battery manufacturers, shipping companies, shipyards, fire extinguisher manufacturers, and system suppliers.

“The project is quite unique and the results are for example based on laboratory tests” senior ship surveyor Denis Cederholm-Larsen says and continues “the project gives us an even better depiction of what can be expected in case of fire in a battery installation”.

The full report including its results and conclusions can be downloaded from the Danish Maritime Authority’s website or from DNV GL’s website.

Guidance on the Danish Maritime Authority’s guidelines for battery installations for ship operations can be found here.


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