DMA Led Project Releases Solutions For Efficient Data Exchange At Sea

The EfficienSea2 project, which is led by the Danish Maritime Authority, is now ready to demonstrate its first results. At a coming conference, beta releases of some of the solutions will be launched.

Now, the EfficienSea2 project is ready to present beta releases of some of its solutions. The service and identity registries of the Maritime Cloud will be opened up, enabling information suppliers to develop and insert digital information services in the service registry. The project will also launch a beta release of the web-based platform BalticWeb.

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The maritime industry is invited to experience the beta release of the Maritime Cloud and BalticWeb
At the project conference ‘Getting Connected to the Future’, which will be held in Copenhagen on 8-9 November 2016, the beta releases will be presented.

The key function of the Maritime Cloud is identity management. It will become possible to provide unhampered information in a safe manner to and from the right identities so that the right data reach the right persons. Endusers can use a single log-in for all information services and trust that the suppliers are the ones that they claim to be.

The BalticWeb will also be made available. It is an internet platform where navigating officers can access digital services such as weather and navigation warnings from their computers and tablets once they are made available in the Maritime Cloud.

This means that it is not necessary to wait for information flows to become integrated in the standard equipment on the navigation bridge. It is possible for suppliers of new, digital information services to reach the users right away, says Bjørn Borbye Pedersen, Special Adviser at the Danish Maritime Authority.


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