Divers To Recover 3000-Year Old, Hand Sewn-Ship From The Mediterranean Next Month

Divers hope to recover a 3,000-year-old, hand-sewn vessel from the Mediterranean Sea floor in early July.

Known as the Zambratija, the hand-sewn vessel is the oldest known instance of a completely sewn boat, dating back to a time between the last quarter of the 12th century B.C., per the Camille Jullian Center, a Croatia-based research organization that is involved in the project besides the French National Center for Scientific Research (abbreviated the CNRS).

Hand Sewn-Ship
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The expedition, set for 2 July, will try recovering pieces of the vessel so that scientists, including the workers associated with the Archaeological Museum of Istria, based in Croatia’s Pula, can reconstruct the vessel for a 3D display, per Newsweek.

Resting at about 8 feet beneath the water in the Bay of Zambratija off the Croatian coast, researchers and divers are encouraged to bring remnants of the once-32-foot-long ship back to the land, as it has been preserved underwater remarkably for thousands of years owing to its waterproofing system, per the CNRS.

Its architecture, as well as its construction, the strakes’ assembly technique, and the waterproofing system of the hull, has no equivalent in the Mediterranean zone, the Camille Jullian Center reported.

Researchers believe that at nearly 23 feet, the vessel, made from flexible wood pieces sewn together, remains intact.

The shipwreck was first explored almost 15 years ago, and attention has been paid to the site over the recent years, per IFLScience.com.

Owing to its delicate nature, the remnants of the vessel will be desalinated in Croatia and passed to the Arc-Nucléart workshop based in France, which specializes in the restoration of cultural artefacts, per IFLScience.

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