Denmark’s Patrol Frigate Crew Kills 4 Suspected Pirates In Gulf Of Guinea

On Thursday, the Navy of Denmark said that one of its frigates that had set sail on its international anti-piracy mission off West Africa had taken the lives of four suspected pirates. The incident also injured one during a gunfire exchange.

The frigate HDMS Esbern Snare started preparing on the basis of information received regarding a vessel approaching commercial ships in the Gulf of Guinea off Nigeria.

The frigate promptly dispatched a Seahawk helicopter. Those in the helicopter observed eight men on the vessel carrying equipment connected with piracy, such as ladders.

Stock Photo of the frigate Esbern Snare in the Gulf of Guinea
Image Credits: Anders V. Fridberg / The Armed Forces /

The frigate came in close contact with the pirate boat on Wednesday. It was in a position to let the Danish troops fight against them. When the suspected pirates refused to respond to radio calls, the Danes began their warning shots.

The suspected pirates started retaliating and the Danes also acted in their “self-defence”. Gunshots were fired, which led to the death of four suspected pirates, the Danish military reported. Nothing happened to the Danes.

Following the exchange, the vessel had sunk. Eight of the suspected men were taken to Esbern Snare, including a wounded. The injured individual was treated later on.

The frigate comprising a crew of 175 members reached the Gulf of Guinea, one of the world’s most notorious places known for crew kidnapping. In 2019, the region had recorded over 90% of crew member abductions at a global level.


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