Deltamarin Develops Innovative Multipurpose Inland Vessel ‘DeltaBreaker’

Increasing the utilisation of inland waterways is currently a hot topic, especially in Central Europe. Climate change and environmental protection are also at the centre of public attention. To deal with these issues the naval architects from Deltamarin’s office in Gdansk have developed a multipurpose inland vessel called DeltaBreaker.

The DeltaBreaker design combines the features of tug, icebreaker and pusher with some added functionalities on top of that. The ship utilises liquid gas as fuel, thus reducing emissions. The hull shape has low resistance and the ability to break ice up to 0.6 m thick. This way, the inland navigation season can be extended in various parts of the world. The current design allows operations on waterways of international (CEMT) class IV; however, smaller versions of this design can also be developed.

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One of the specific characteristics of the DeltaBreaker design is the implementation of the Articulated Tug-Barge (ATB) system connection. It allows the pushing of compatible barges on inland and coastal waters. This opens up the possibility to further develop an efficient design for such barges that can be used for carrying bulk cargo, containers, oil/products, accommodation modules and as LNG transportation/bunkering facilities. A special place for two 20ft containers has been reserved on the aft deck. Additional functions like firefighting, oil-spill cleaning or environmental measurements may therefore be easily incorporated into the design.

With all the features of a good product, we hope to see the ships of the DeltaBreaker design family populating the rivers and canals around the world very soon.


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