Deck Cadet Goes Missing From Ship, Complained Of Harassment From Senior Officer

After an unsuccessful rescue operation for four days in search of deck cadet Dhananjay Arora who went missing under suspicious circumstances on the evening of September 13, 2020, about 500 miles away from Mauritius coast was called off.

Cadet Dhananjay Arora was sailing on Hong Kong-based MT New Horizon crude oil tanker, managed by Fleet Management Limited which was headed to Ningbo in China. The ship took off on November 22, 2019, and was supposed to return to India in August but got postponed due to the ongoing pandemic. 

An investigation is being conducted by the Hong Kong Government in association with Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC), Mauritius and DG shipping which is associated with the Government of India. 

The family members of Dhananjay suspect foul play in their son’s missing case. The family has reached Ministry of External Affairs, India and Congress MP Shashi Tharoor, to help them search for their son. Dhananjay’s father, Virender Kumar Arora said that “no assuring response from the shipping company till now. With every passing minute, the risk to my son’s life is increasing.”

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The crew members started searching for the 20-year-old cadet when they noticed that he was not present for dinner. The search began around 9 pm, cadet Dhananjay Arora was last seen around 5 pm on the deck. On the midnight of September 14, 2020, the family members were informed that their son was missing from the ship.

Cadet Dhananjay Arora went missing after sending images of senior commanding officer sleeping on duty to his family members. 

Dhananjay had informed his family members that he was being harassed by the senior officer. He was also planning to take legal action against the senior commanding officer once he returned home. 

The captain of the ship acknowledges that Dhananjay was indeed being harassed by his senior officer.

The family members alleged that they are not able to get in touch with the company, and they have only received phone calls from the captain of the ship, and couldn’t talk to ship’s other crew members.

Family members have started an online campaign on social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. The campaign for help has used hashtags like #RescueDhananjay #FindDhananjay and #DhananjayAroramissing. In all these tweets and posts family and friends have tagged Ministry of External Affairs and Union Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar.

Reference: Indian express/ Times now

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  1. it is very sad that many Indian senior officers are not worthy of their rank nor deserve to be among ships crew.they are bringing the reputation down.all these harrasment thing is a way of their daily routine.Its grown very common.they are much into their ego.always licking their seniors for promotion or their other reasons.most of them*.

  2. This act is shameful very shameful and to be served with justice properly i strongly urged to punish that chief officer accordingly without any delay and never ever let him to sail with any ship …
    Please hang that chief officer if he is not guilty.

  3. It is experienced, these kind of issues, seniors are always saved by company. Hence I am not sure his parents will get justice

  4. The environment has changed and only the Chief officer cannot be blamed. Our cadets attititude and apptitude has to be looked into. Ofcourse ragging at any level should not be condoned and strict action should be taken against it.

  5. We must not be quick to pass judgement. If the chief officer has thrown the cadet overboard he must be punished for murder and nothing less.
    If the Cadet has committed sucide, it must be further investigated Why ?
    Not all who put out to sea today are mentally tough enough to face the pressures of training at sea.
    In my days aptitude tests were carried out. Today that’s been done away with. Young boys join the ship with no clue of what’s in store for them.
    We have to see what harassment was meted out by the Mate on the Cadet and if that is really beyond the scope of his training. Then we can decide !
    My deepest condolences to the family of Mr. Arora in case he is not found. May the young sailors soul find peace…….

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