CSSC To Build China’s Largest And Most Powerful Scientific Research Ship

On March 20, Guangzhou Shipyard International, a subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, and Guangdong Intelligent Unmanned System Research Institute signed a procurement contract for the construction of a comprehensive marine scientific research ship in Nansha.

The ship was developed and designed by the 708 Research Institute of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, with a maximum operating displacement of over 10,000 tons. After completion, it will become the largest and most powerful marine scientific research ship in China.

The research ship has a total length of 117.2 meters, a profile width of 21 meters, a profile depth of 9 meters, a design draft of 5.4 meters, a design displacement of 7920 tons, a maximum operating displacement of 10,100 tons, and maximum scientific research carrying capacity of more than 600 tons. The ship meets the requirements for strengthening the B-class ice area, adopts a fully electric drive, DP2 dynamic positioning system, and is equipped with a 360° full-view driver’s cab.

Largest Research Vessel
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The ship has comprehensive marine scientific research capabilities, equipped with multi-beam, single-beam, thermo-salt and depth sounder and other scientific research exploration equipment and supporting operation equipment, which can realize multi-disciplinary marine scientific investigation functions. At the same time, the ship also reserves a number of space and interfaces for scientific research equipment and has strong scientific research expansion capabilities to meet the needs of my country’s future marine scientific investigations.

“Bazi” innovation secret to building a first-class scientific research ship!

  1. “Strong”: The comprehensive marine scientific research ship with the largest displacement and strongest performance in China, which meets the test guarantee of multiple types and full-scale scientific research equipment.
  2. “Finance”: “Scientific Examination” + “Offshore Engineering” functions are integrated to meet various scientific research needs.
  3. “New”: Adopt innovative technology of ship type and equipment, set up U-shaped retractable area, etc.
  4. “Suitable”: Good wave resistance, strong resistance to swells, and capable of retracting and releasing operations in level 4 sea conditions; built-in track slip system, stable and safe operation process.
  5. “Guarantee”: Customized, specialized, and enclosed maintenance cabins, with strong repair support capabilities.
  6. “Static”: Adopt a diversion and silent type side push closed system to solve the problem of side push hole turbulence and interference with acoustic operations and use a silent type propulsion system.
  7. “Live”: It has mobile and flexible scientific research equipment retracting system and equipment.
  8. “Safety”: The ship and system are designed with good safety. The ship type adopts DP2, FMEA analysis of key systems, flexible operation of scientific research equipment retracting and redundant design, etc.

The comprehensive scientific research ship of Guangdong Intelligent Unmanned System Research Institute undertaken by Guangzhou Shipyard International will be another masterpiece of Guangzhou Shipyard International in adhering to the spirit of “dare to be the first and pursue excellence”. After completion, it will promote the development of my country’s marine scientific research industry. , To accelerate the pace of building my country’s maritime power.

Ship Classroom

Why did the research ship build the Hualuoguang ship?

Guangzhou Shipyard International also has strong strength in the field of scientific research ship construction, and its history of building scientific research ships can be traced back to the 1970s.

In 1972, Guangzhou Shipyard International built and delivered two hydrological and weather survey ships of a certain type, namely “Xiangyanghong 02” and “Xiangyanghong 03”, which were called “Pathfinders to the Ocean”. “Xiangyanghong 03” participated in the Xisha naval battle and performed war zone escort missions. Because of its repeated military exploits in the South China Sea marine scientific expedition and rights protection and law enforcement tasks, it was repeatedly awarded for merits.

According to records, under the personal instructions of Premier Zhou Enlai, the modification and overhaul of my country’s first-generation scientific research ship “Xiangyanghong 5” were completed by Guangzhou Shipyard, the predecessor of Guangzhou Shipyard International. The refitted “Xiangyanghong 5” was the most advanced scientific research ship in China at that time. After it was put into service, it made a significant contribution to my country’s scientific investigation cause, and Guangzhou Shipyard also won the third prize of scientific research achievements.

In 2016, Wenchong, a subsidiary of Guangzhou Shipyard International, completed the transformation of the working mother ship of the “Discovery One” manned submersible. The ship is also one of the “twin mother ships” that provide support and guarantee for the Struggle, and provided important support for the Struggle’s all-sea deep manned submersible to create a new record of 10,909 meters in China’s manned deep diving.

In March 2017, Guangzhou Shipyard International also delivered to Xiamen University the first domestic all-electric silent propulsion scientific research ship “Jiageng” that integrates “clean, quiet, universal, and green” performance. The ship reached The world’s top level of scientific research ships of the same type. After completion, it successfully completed a number of scientific investigation tasks for major projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and became one of the main ships of my country’s far-reaching scientific investigations.

Reference: Guangzhou Shipyard International

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