Cruise Ship Visits Cartagena Port In Colombia After 17 Months

Columbian tourist city Cartagena welcomed Star Breeze cruise vessel after being locked down for more than 17 months because of the pandemic. The cruise vessel carried 87 tourists and is bound on the voyage to Panama.

The Star Breeze vessel sailed from Curacao and was anchored for 15 hours at Cartagena’s cruise ship terminal. The city authorities welcomed the cruise ship and its passengers following the strict health protocols. The vessel is bound to Panama and will leave the port in 15 hours.

Cartagena authorities developed a biosecure passenger terminal, especially for the tourists. The terminal will offer health security and medical care to passengers and the locals who welcome the guests and work at the city port. These terminals are also built across the city near tourist hotspots.

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According to Maria Emilia Bonilla, the coordinator of the Cartagena port cruise ship terminal, these biosecurity terminals which are helping to bring in cruise ships and boost tourism.

She added, “The guidelines meant that 95% of the cruise passengers and 98% of the vessel crew be vaccinated. The people should undergo a negative Covid-19 test report to embark into the city. Also, 100% of the people who are boarding the cruise are also undergoing Covid-19 tests.’

Bonilla further stated that every ship must have reserved cabins to isolate people who are testing positive and house critically ill patients. In addition, restaurant capacity reduced, and self-service options have been suspended on board, keeping in mind the strict protocols.

The Port authorities are expecting a turnover of $34 million in revenue from tourism in 2021-2022. The tourist season this year started with cruise vessel Star Breeze sailing in the port.

However, there were expectations of 122 cruise ships to port in Cartagena this tourist season. This count is too low in comparison to the earlier 2018-2019 tourist season that had around 620,000 visitors and ships belonging to 34 cruise lines. The total economic impact from these cruises was about $70 million.

Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Holland America, Celebrity Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, Aida Cruises, MSC Cruises, Marbella Cruises and Regent Seven Seas are some of the cruise lines who confirmed their visit to Cartagena port this tourist season.


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