Crowley Initiates Cargo Operations At Puerto Rico Terminal

In late June, Crowley celebrated the arrival of the first vessel to call at its newly constructed pier at Isla Grande in Puerto Rico – the Crowley-towed container barge 455-4. The occasion allowed Crowley to put its three new container cranes and equipment to work for the very first time, and both operators and cranes performed well.

Prior to cargo discharge, employees made the proper safety checks, then crane operators initiated work and the first containers were successfully unloaded onto awaiting chassis on the pier. From there, terminal workers transferred the cargo to the company’s on-site terminal and made it available to customers for pick-up.

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“These inaugural operations have proven the capability of our cranes to handle our specialized 53-foot container equipment, as well as standard container sizes,” said Jose “Pache” Ayala, vice president of Puerto Rico services. “It also demonstrated our ability to offer customers the fastest discharge times on the island. Now we anxiously await the completion of Crowley’s two new ConRo ships so that we can fulfill our commitment to the people, infrastructure and future success of Puerto Rico.”

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The new 900-foot-long, 114-foot-wide concrete pier and cranes will serve the company’s ConRo (combination container and roll-on / roll-off) ships, designed especially for service between the United States and Puerto Rico, starting in late 2017.

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