Cross-Border Collaboration Between The US, Netherlands & Denmark To Strengthen Cyber Security

​Shipping is global. Cyber threats are global. Thus taking care of cybersecurity in the maritime sector should not be left to each individual country nor separated by function. Cross-border cooperation is essential to greater security for the world’s ships.

Cyber security guidlines
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Andreas Nordseth, Director of the Danish Maritime Authority:
“The increasing digitalization poses significant new security challenges. Cyber threats know no bounds making it vital that we cooperate on maritime cybersecurity to ensure shipping both at sea and in port.”

Conference in Denmark in 2020

The United States, the Netherlands, and Denmark are hosting a maritime cybersecurity conference in the Netherlands.

In addition to delegations from the host countries, representatives from France, Germany and the UK also attended the conference.

In 2020, the Danish Maritime Authority will host the second installment of the maritime cybersecurity conference.

Read here the official joint declaration from the USA, the Netherlands and Denmark


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