Crimean Shipyard On Fire After Ukraine Launches 10 Cruise Missiles, Damaging 2 ships & Injuring 24

The Sevastopol Shipyard in Russia annexed Crimea was burning on Wednesday after being attacked by Ukrainian missiles. Russia reported that the attack also damaged 2 ships being repaired at the port and left 24 people injured.

Ukraine launched 10 cruise missiles and 3 speedboat attacks on the strategic Russian port. This was one of the biggest attacks by Ukraine in recent weeks, although the shipyard has been targeted many times since the Russia-Ukraine conflict began.

Crimean Shipyard
Crimean Shipyard

Per Russia, 7 Ukrainian missiles were drowned by its air defence systems and 3 boats were taken care of by a patrol vessel.

Mikhail Razvozhayev, the Russian governor of Sevastopol, the largest city in Crimea and a key Black Sea port, said that at least 24 people were injured. He also posted pictures of massive flames rising from the port infrastructure.

Russia annexed this shipyard from Ukraine in 2014. Now, it constructs and repairs ships and submarines of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.

Though Ukraine never claims any responsibility for attacks on any Russian-controlled territories or inside Russia, it has said that destroying and attacking Russia’s infrastructure helps Ukraine’s counteroffensive.

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