Crew On Board Cargo Vessel ‘Vera Su’ Evacuated Safely; Ship Now In Stable Condition

On 6 October, the Bulgarian National Television had reported that the crew evacuation on the Vera Su, the cargo vessel that was stranded on northern Black Sea, Bulgaria, had begun.

Due to harsh weather, the crew on board was evacuated using a system of ropes and pulleys. Earlier reports highlighted that evacuation using a helicopter would be too unsafe given the strong winds and nearby cliffs. Prosecutors are investigating the incident in which the Panamanian-flagged and Turkish-owned ship was stranded near the Kamen Bryag shoreline.

The Bulgarian National Radio reported that the European Maritime Safety Agency would send three barges to Varna seaport on 6 October. Before beginning to remove the urea fertilizer on board the vessel, the workers will await better weather.

Vera Su
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The Dutch company was supposed to share a full-proof plan of the removal with the Maritime Administration.

The vessel was referred to be in stable condition. The operation to rescue sailors from Vera Su started today in the afternoon. The operation lasted about an hour. The captain was the last seaman to leave the vessel.

The sailors have passed health control and will not be quarantined as they were in isolation on board for quite a long time. Besides, no crew member and showed symptoms of any viral infection.

Today is the 17th day since Vera Su had run aground near the Yailata, Kamen Bryag.


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