Crew Of Bangladeshi Ship Pleads For Safety Of Their Lives

The Bangladeshi ship, MV Maa ran aground near a beachfront park sometime back. The ship’s crew is now apprehending a new danger regarding their lives, following a threat of cyclone.

In mid-October, as the cargo ship floated towards the land under the effect of a deep depression, it resulted in the breaking of one of its moorings around the Visakhapatnam Port.

Due to financial restraints and difficulties in obtaining clearance to tow the vessel to a nearby shipyard, the shipowner was unable to take the vessel for repairs to Hindustan Shipyard Limited and expressed his preference of abandoning the ship.

Image Credits: Raman kaushik – YouTube

In a message to the Inspector of International Transport Workers’ Federation, B.V. Ratnam, the crew sought support to guarantee shelter to themselves from the owner.

“As we came to know that cyclone Nivar is going to hit tomorrow near Chennai, the wind speed is very high and the sea became rough. We are afraid that tomorrow the weather will be severe. From yesterday we are contacting our owner and agent through Master to take us to shelter as the waves are banging on the vessel and stability is not good as fuel discharged and ballast drained out from aft part of the vessel. They (shipowner) assured us that today they will take us to shelter but till now no action is taken. Please consider our safety of life,” said the Chief Officer of MV Maa.


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