Crew Of 3 Cargo Ships With Ukrainians Onboard Remain In Captivity Of Russian Military

Crew members of three cargo ships, namely AZBURG (with a flag of Dominica), SMARTA, and BLUE STAR-1 (flying a flag of Liberia) are in captivity of Russia’s occupiers, Liudmyla Denisova – the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights reported via Telegram.

Per Interfax, Serhiy Dzysiak, the captain of the AZBURG, the crew members were “checked” first in the filtration camp situated in Mangush. For now, they are placed in temporarily occupied Donetsk under the supervision of Russia’s military.

The capture by Russian individuals of the AZBURG crew at Mariupol became clear on 10 April. Among them, 12 sailors were Ukrainian citizens.

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On 12 April, it became evident that members of the crew of the dry cargo ship dubbed BLUE STAR-1, 18 of who are Ukrainians, were captured on the territory of Mariupol commercial seaport. Per Denisova, they had been moved to the territory of Donetsk, which is temporarily occupied.

The Commissioner for Human Rights reported a day before that Russia’s occupiers were seized and transported to an unknown location. These individuals were part of the crew of SMARTA. About 18 crew members were Ukrainian citizens.

Per information earlier shared by her, there may be almost 200 crew members of different types of vessels blocked by occupiers at the port of Mariupol.


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