Crew Member Stabbed With A Knife, Another Jumped Overboard

There was a fight between two crew members of ELANDRA CORALLO on 1 November in the Coral Sea. A seaman reportedly stabbed his opponent and, later on, jumped overboard. The tanker on which this incident happened turned back and looked for him. However, the search was not extensive as the stabbed victim also required urgent medical support.

On 2 November, a wounded seaman was transferred to the Kone, New Caledonia hospital. A helicopter helped carry this out. Meanwhile, the tanker continued on its voyage to New Zealand from Korea. The person who was lost overboard could not be found. SAR was coordinated by MRCC Noumea, with four merchant vessels also involved. However, the SAR was suspended on 1 November at night.

A Crew Member Stabbed With A Knife And The Other Jumped Overboard
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Latvia-based ISM manager firm has to say that the Ukraine-Russia war may cause such a tragic accident, although it is not yet confirmed. But again, these accidents are rare.

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