Coronavirus: 4 Filipino Seafarers Placed In Isolation In Gibraltar After Crewmen Tested Positive

The Retreat center at Gibraltar is currently housing four Filipino seafarers in isolation after a few members of the crew tested positive for COVID-19 on the arrival of their ship to Algeciras, on Monday. They have been tested negative.

The transfer and accommodation of the crewmen were done after Gibraltar Port Authority received an alert of possible COVID-19 infection among the workers on the ship. Following their public health protocols, the 4 men were made to disembark the boat and reach the shore of Gibraltar through an agent’s boat. The carrier continued to the port of Algeciras.

The disembarkment was done on British Gibraltar territorial Waters (BGTW) during an off-port limits transfer close to the bay of the territory. The 4 crewmen opted to come ashore as they did not hold Schengen visas to allow them to fly from Gibraltar.

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The ship in question, chemical carrier Samus Swan sailed to the Spanish port from Nigeria and is, at present, berthed at the Isle Verde exterior terminal of the same, with the order that the crewmen present in the ship must remain onboard until the results of further testing by the Spanish Authorities are received.

A spokesman has stated that prior to disembarkation, the vessel had submitted a medical declaration to the GPA citing clearly that no members were ill.

While 7 out of the 9 crew members at the port have been tested positive through self-tests by the members, the reliability of a pin-prick test is questionable. Spanish health officials will carry out further testing while the 4 seamen remain isolated at the Retreat Centre. They are to be tested again, too.


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