Coastal Vessel Sinks Close To The Maldives, One Goes Missing

A coastal sailing vessel that had set sail for the Maldives with its cargo loaded in the old harbour sank off the island nation’s coast on Saturday evening. One of the eight members of the crew has since been missing, while the others could be rescued.

The vessel, MSV Esther Rajathi, was on its way to Male, Maldives’ capital, with the cargo reportedly caught in the poor weather when it was 60 nm off the island nation’s coast. With the gale lashing the area, the vessel with eight crew members ended up sinking.

Coastal Vessel
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While seven crew members had been rescued by a vessel crossing the accident site, a sailor could not be traced. Efforts are continuing to locate him.

Sources stated that Coastal Sailing Vessel Owners’ Association had gotten in touch with the Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard to enhance the search and rescue operation by getting in touch with their Maldivian counterparts to try and rescue the sailor who went missing and bring back the rescued individuals.

References: The Hindu, Times Of India

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