Coast Guard To Contain Oil Spill From Ship In English Bay

On Saturday, January 21, at 11:40 am local time, containership MV Europe docked in the English Bay in British Columbia started leaking oil. First Nations and government agencies are fighting to contain the oil spill.

An estimated 60-100 litres of oil have already blackened the waters of Vancouver as per a Canadian Coast Guard estimate who are working from both air and water to monitor the slick formed by the oil spill.

They boomed around the ship to contain the oil spill, which stopped the oil spill, as there had been no new oil leakage since Saturday.

Ship Leaking Oil In Vancouver
Image used for representation purposes only

They are working aggressively to identify sensitive zones so that the ship owners and the response partners can act swiftly to protect those areas, said the Coast Guard. They are likely to announce an update on the situation soon. 

References: Vancouver Sun, CBC


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