CMA CGM Receives Third 23,000 TEU Dual-Fuel LNG-Powered Container Ship

On January 8, the third 23,000 TEU dual-fuel container ship built by Hudong Zhonghua, a subsidiary of China Shipbuilding Corporation, was named at the Changxing Island Shipbuilding Base. The company ushered in a good start for production in the low-temperature cold wave. Godmother Ren Xiaoyuan named the new ship “CMA CMA CGM Rivoli”, and Chen Jun, the general manager of the company, presented it as a souvenir.

Hudong Zhonghua and China Shipbuilding Trading Company are the joint sellers of the ship. This ship is the fifth of the nine 23,000 TEU container ships ordered by CMA CGM in China State Shipbuilding Corporation and the third product built by Hudong Zhonghua. Currently, the global COVID-19 epidemic situation is still severe.

CMA CGM is actively expanding its capacity to meet the demand for consumer goods in Europe and the United States. Hudong Zhonghua built a high-quality, energy-saving, and environmentally-friendly “CMA CGM Rivoli” wheel to meet the needs of the CMA CGM Group and was highly praised.

CMA CGM Receives Hudong-Zhonghua Built Third 23000 TEU Dual-Fuel Container Ship
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In recent years, CMA CGM has followed the development trend of green and energy-saving shipping in the world and ordered a series of LNG dual-fuel-powered container ships, fully demonstrating the responsibility and foresight of the world’s leading shipping companies. In the first half of 2021, another 4 23,000TEU dual-fuel container ships will join the CMA CGM fleet.

By 2022, CMA CGM will own 26 LNG-powered ships, further striding towards the goal of net-zero emissions. Hudong-Zhonghua will continue to assist CMA CGM to assume the role of a leader in the global shipping industry. The naming of the new ship was initiated by Rudolph Sade, Chairman, and CEO of CMA CGM Group, and named after the famous landmark “Rivoli Street” in the center of Paris, the French capital.

The godmother of the new ship, Ms. Ren Xiaoyuan, is the recipient of the United Nations 2021 “Guardians of the Earth Youth Award” and has long been committed to global environmental protection. Ms. Ren Xiaoyuan’s environmental protection spirit is deeply in line with the green shipping concept of CMA CGM and Hudong Zhonghua’s green shipbuilding and lean manufacturing concepts.

As the third 23000TEU dual-fuel powered container ship built by Hudong Zhonghua, the construction team has lean management and fully optimized the operation process. The ship’s integrity before the conventional trial was greatly improved, and the terminal cycle was shortened by 1 month; from the triumphant triumph of the conventional trial to the refueling state, it was only 42 days, which was more than 1 month shorter than the previous ship; during the refueling process, the ship Compared with the previous ship, the LNG bunker volume was reduced by 14 vehicles, saving 2.8 million yuan in refueling costs.

During the terminal test phase, all gas test projects of generators and boilers were completed in only 2 days, setting the fastest test record for this series of container ships of CMA CGM. Hudong-Zhonghua’s comprehensive and high-quality construction has shortened the construction period in an all-round way and won praise from the shipowner. In the near future, “CMA CGM Rivoli” will be put into operation of CMA CGM’s flagship route-Asia-Europe route FAL1, sailing from China to Northern Europe, starting The first voyage.

He Luduo, CEO of CMA CGM (China) Co., Ltd., Audrey, Chief Commercial Officer, Ma Long, Operations Director, Captain Elvi of the new ship, Ge Siyue, Senior Vice President of Bureau Veritas, President of North Asia and China, GTT Adnan, General Manager of China, Lu Lin, General Manager of Shanghai CMA CGM International Ship Management Co., Ltd., Lin Feng, Deputy General Manager of China State Shipbuilding Trading Corporation, Chen Jun, General Manager of Hudong Zhonghua, Hu Hongyu and Liu Xuedong, Deputy General Managers of Hudong Zhonghua Changxing Shipbuilding More than 80 other leading guests attended the naming ceremony.


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