CMA CGM Orders 6 Methanol-Fueled And 10 LNG-Powered Container Vessels

CMA CGM stated on Friday, in the quarterly report, that it has ordered four 23,000-TEU dual-fuel LNG-operates container vessels and six 7,900-TEU LNG vessels.

The firm, however, did not reveal information regarding the orders.

China’s Jiangnan Shipyard and Hudong-Zhonghua delivered to CMA CGM nine LNG giants with 23,000 units.

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In June 2021, CMA CGM welcomed the ninth and the last vessel in this series, Sorbonne, into the fleet. The LNG-fueled giants feature WinGD’s dual-fuel engines and GTT’s 18,600-cbm fuel tank.

On Sunday, a shipbuilding source reported to LNG Prime that Jiangnan and Hudong-Zhonghua were competing to win the new orders with South Korean yards for the 23,000-TEU vessels.
The source, on the other hand, mentioned that Hyundai Heavy Industries based in South Korea had won an order for six 7,900-TEU LNG-fueled ships.

The vessels will be running on GTT’s Mark III Flex containment system and MAN ME-GI engines, the source mentioned.

They are tipped to be worth about $120 million, each.

Worth mentioning that brokers and sources have said that CMA CGM had placed an order at South Korea’s Samsung Heavy for four 7,000-TEU LNG container vessels in March too.
CMA CGM is one of the world’s largest backers of LNG as fuel. Previously, it said that the fleet would expand by 44 vessels by 2024.

First-order for methanol-operated vessels
CMA CGM mentioned in the first-quarter report that six new dual-fuel methanol-powered 15,000-TEU vessels would join the fleet by 2025.

This is the firm’s first order for vessels of this kind. It follows Maersk who ordered 12 methanol-powered vessels that measure 16,000 TEU at Hyundai Heavy.

CMA CGM also did not share additional information about the order. However, sources mentioned that one or multiple South Korean yards would build the vessels.

This first order for methanol-powered vessels is in line with CMA CGM’s strategy to expand the energy mix to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

The company also added that the “e-methane ready” fleet boasts 29 vessels that are in service. It added that it would have 77 by 2026.

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