CMA CGM Launches Industry’s First Business Matchmaking Marketplace

CMA CGM is launching NETWORKING services: the first business matchmaking marketplace in the shipping and logistics industry that connects you with your business partners in a seamless and secure way.

Fast and direct matchmaking and negotiations to unlock new business opportunities

Our innovative NETWORKING services marketplace allows you to expand your business worldwide, to create new business opportunities and find the suppliers or customers that best fit for your needs. You will save on costs and time and reduce the hassle and risks associated with business development.

The new platform powered by CMA CGM and CEVA Logistics is available to customers of the CMA CGM Group in 160 countries. It can be used to trade all commodities not subject to specific regulations (fruits, healthcare, textiles…).

CMA CGM Ship passing panama canal
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As an exporter, you can showcase your goods and expand your business with new opportunities. As an importer, you can find new suppliers directly on the platform and negotiate online.

Fully secure transactions with the CMA CGM Group’s vast and trusted network

NETWORKING services have already more than 1,200 partners in 110 countries thanks to the CMA CGM Group’s vast trusted network. Each entity listed on the platform is certified by the Group and must meet stringent requirements, such as:

  • Having maintained a business relationship with the CMA CGM Group for at least two years
  • Demonstrating sound management as well as, clear of liabilities and outstanding payments, for the past 12 months.
  • Shipping a sufficient volume of goods to be able to meet demand.

CMA CGM+: products tailored to specific needs

NETWORKING services is part of the CMA CGM+ range of solutions that complements the Group’s conventional maritime transport and logistics services. The CMA CGM Group is able to provide customized solutions to meet all customer expectations: whether they wish to protect their cargo, grow their business or ACT towards carbon neutrality.


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